Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Drum roll please. . .

There are so many ways to say this. .but the best is. . .We are PREGNANT!!

Yup, after 3 years of trying, and many hardships along the way . . its very exciting to announce, that the Lord decided it was time to bless us. We are so very grateful!

I will be 13 weeks on Friday. We've had two great ultrasounds and our first little blueberry is doing just great. Although I guess he's not the size of a blueberry anymore, more like a plum. :) Although, from the outside the baby looks HUGE. My tummy is way big! At about 9.5 weeks my tummy literaly popped out. I wish i would have taken pics that early, because i haven't changed too much since then(which makes my belly even more huge-looking at 9.5 weeks.)

I just started to feel good in the last week. Up until then i was really green, but very happy to be so. :) Now im just tired and plagued with heartburn. Casey has just recently decided that this is 'real' and that its ok for him to be really excited. However, if your looking for enthusiasm, at any time of the day, feel free to call or stop by my parents house and have a little chat with the worlds biggest fans: my mom and sisters. :) They are the BEST! All it took in the beginnning with my closest companion(the toilet), was my moms giggles, yes giggles of how much fun it was that i was sick for this very reason. . to lift my spirits! She wants to tell everybody. If i let her she'd stand outside Papaya and annouce to everything that walked by that SHE is going to be a Grandma. Between that and Ashleys constant urge to rub, kiss and talk to my tummy, we couldnt be having more fun.

We'll keep ya posted.

12 weeks