Tuesday, June 22, 2010

0-3 months

Our little stud

All of the Stika Grandchildren!
Jack, Kai, Clara, Noah and Rowan

One of his favorite positions to sleep-- in daddys hands

First time in the pool- it was Freezing and he was such a trooper!

First bath with a GIRL! :) Our favorite Princess Persais!

On our way out to Indiana-- Liberty jail

Loves his bumbo
Chillin with dad

We have been in Indiana for 6 weeks now, and its been great! We've even managed to curb our home sickness - as Me and Kai have already spent ten days at home in utah and just finished up a fun week with my whole family, minus Ash:( .

We've also spent some time exploring our surroundings-- St. Loius, Nauvoo and Chicago just to name a few. Casey, Jeremy and their whole team are doing amazing, and we feel so lucky to be out here with great friends and family.

Kai is the best thing that ever happened to us. We have never been so happy.
Here is some of the highlights:

1. 1, 4 and 7 am feedings. This uninterupted and peaceful time is definatly a highlight.
2. May 17, 2010- First 'reaction' smiles(he had smiles before but not on purpose)- BEST Birthday present ever!
3. Hitting the 93% for weight on his 2 month checkup!
4. He grunts as a form of communicating- really cute. I'll have to post a video
5. He loves to kiss me. Full on the mouth kisses-that most the time involve sucking on my lips. :)
6. After 10 days away from daddy, at just 8 weeks old- his high pitched shrills of delight-- as if to say-- I didnt forget you!
7. His old little soul--he looks at us like he's known us forever!
8. Watching and listening to Casey Give Kai a name and a blessing
There are so many more-- and so many to come, im sure.