Thursday, March 5, 2009

We know..

As many of you know, Casey and I are adopting.

For the past several months, we've had the wonderful blessing of working closely with a great lady in Tahiti, who coordinates a lot of adoptions. At the end of November we were 'matched' with a birth mother(due mid-february), whom we loved immediately. She quickly decided she wanted us to raise her baby. Everything started to fall into place. . this would be her 3rd time placing a baby for adoption, so were were hopeful.

But most of all I have to say we have been blessed. If there was ever any doubt before, we know now that Heavenly Father is mindful of us, loves us, and has a plan in place for us.

So for the past several months we have been preparing physically, financially and emotionally for the birth of a little boy.

This last week we learned, this little guy is no longer ours to prepare for. The birth mother changed her mind.

I want all of you who love us to know, how grateful we are. Grateful that we know our Father in Heaven. Grateful that He is carrying us through this hard time. Grateful to know that His will is the only will we want to be apart of. Grateful for the amazing amounts of people who have been praying for us. Mostly grateful to know that its all going to work out, we will have the blessings of parenthood in our lives. When the time comes we will be better because of this. Of that we are sure.

Take a minute if you would to view the last minute of this video. The whole thing is wonderful, but particularly from 5:45 on.