Monday, December 28, 2009

Moving on up!

I had my monthly checkup today and my doctor moved my due date up from the 27th to the 21st! So i am officially in my 3rd trimester! Yay!

In the last few weeks I have discovered 'nesting'. And I LOVE it! My house is almost always spotless(my husband probably nic-names me the drill-Sargent under his breath. . its not so much fun for him), and I have been having a blast with projects! I decided to make all the baby bedding. . but i'm not the most experienced sew-er, so thanks goodness for fabulous friends, like Sally, who have held my hand and done a lot of the work! Shes the best. I can't wait to post pictures when everything is all done in a couple weeks.

We are going to be in a one bedroom apartment when baby gets here, so its been really fun transforming 'sections' of our over sized bath and bedroom into baby space. The first project Sally, my mom and I did was to make this shower curtain that has all of colors of the nursery bedding in it! Thats right folks, we Made this! and it turned out wonderful!

The Nursery fabric is much more baby friendly, but the colors all match and it pulls everything together. This week we are anxiously awaiting our puff rocker from Mom and Dads store, and next week we pick up our crib and combo set. SOO excited!

As for the growing little guy inside my not so little tummy(seriously, I looked at this picture and was like HOLY cow, is that really mine?). . If you haven't heard yet, he has a name. Its Kai Christian. Unless he comes out not looking anything like that and then HECK i don't know what we'll do! :) But he is moving like crazy and getting so strong! Its the best thing in the entire world. Seriously. I could sit around and feel/watch him move all day and I bet it would never get old!

28 weeks!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!