Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family in town- St. Louis, Navuoo and a whole LOT of our chubby little man

Kai's First Baseball game! Cardinals vs' A's in 115 Degrees!!

Nauvoo was incredible. We crammed in a lot in 24 hrs: Between our temple session, dinner and stay at the incredible historic nauvoo hotel and all the sites- it was hard to pick a favorite!

us girls minus Ash(we missed her so)

This is one really proud uncle-- and Kai LOVES him!

But most of the giggles go to gram and grandpa- he thinks they are sooo funny!

Yup, we got a green eyed boy!

Who loves to kiss his mama

Who has some definate red in his hair( what the heck?- there is a dominate stika gene somewhere??)

See the red now? Holy cow.
Lots of pics- as promised to grandma Pat! Love you!


Grammy Pat said...

Some of that red hair could be a Grandma Venturi gene, perhaps? What an absolute doll, I can hear the giggles from here. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks...

Lara said...

Don't forget that your great-grandpa Neves was nicknamed Red. It was for a reason! If Casey has any red hair in his family history you could very well get a redhead....that's all that's needed apparently. :)

Kai is too adorable. Love the pictures of Marc with him.

Anne-Marie said...

Pat-she's a fake redhead our sweet grammy. don't tell her that.

Oh Ki! He is getting so big and beautiful! I do see the red in those last 2 pics-wow! And those pretty green eyes!